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"Using a toaster is harder than using this Web site - I can't program my VCR, but I can administer my Web site."

- Tim Anderson, Executive Director - Pocatello Chamber of Commerce
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- Lennia Machen, The Erythromelalgia Association

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- Randy Dixon, Shaw Auto Parts
"InfiniSite is easy to learn and easy to use. Visions Beyond's staff has been very helpful."

- Lennia Machen, The Erythromelalgia Association

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- Norma Neu, Old Town Embroidery
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- Ashley Seiler, Pocatello Chamber of Commerce
"I wanted to let you guys know how well the Web site is working for us. You have been very helpful to us and I just want to say thanks for your good work."

- Dave Cutler, Precision Performance Products

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- Merrie Harris, Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce
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- Angie Cannon, Intelligent Employment Solutions
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