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Email Setup
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Email Setup

Setup Email Accounts in Microsoft Outlook

Power-User Information

E-Mail Options: POP3, IMAP, Web-Mail

Username: [Your full email address]

Mail Servers: mail.[your domain name]

Webmail: webmail.[your domain name]

Here are instructions for using Microsoft Outlook to manage your email account.

This guide was written using Outlook 2010. Other versions of email clients will be similar, but may have settings in different locations.

Step One - Add an Account

To add an email account to Outlook click on File --> Info --> Add Account.

Step Two - Fill in Basic Information

Step Two asks that you fill in basic information. You can see how I have filled in my information here. Use your specific domain and account name for your setup. (i.e. replace Travis with your name and with your domain). Then click Next.

Step Three - Automatic Trial

Step Three will automatically try and guess the rest of the information needed to connect to the mail server. This is what the screen shot is showing. Let it finish. It will likely succeed with your account being setup using IMAP (more on this later).

Step Four - Manual Settings

Step Four is where you can manually choose how you want to connect to the mail server. IMAP is useful if you always want your email stored on the mail server, but it can be slower. Pop3 is useful if you want better control over your email, but it won't be available on any computer you use to check your email, or through SquirrelMail (if you choose to use the Web interface). If you want to use Pop3 (this is the most commonly used connection type) check the box for "Manually configure server settings". Then click Next, (or Finish if you leave it as IMAP).

Step Five - Manual Settings for Pop3 Account

Step Five - Manual Settings is where you setup a Pop3 connection. Fill in the boxes using your account information, again replacing my information from the screen shot with what you have (your name and domain name). You can test the account settings using the "Test Account Settings..." button. Most likely it will fail the send an email test because the account isn't completely setup yet. You need to click the "More Settings" button for the final step.

Step Six - Server Requires Authentication

Step Six - Server Requires Authentication is where you tell the mail server that you are authorized to use it for sending email. On the window that opened click the second tab, Outgoing Server. Check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" box and the "Log on using" radio button. Fill in the information (your email address is your username). Then click OK.

Step Seven - Finished

Step Seven - Finished is where you can do a final test of the account. You should be able to click the "Test account settings..." button that appears at this point and have it succeed with both sending and receiving. You should see something similar to this screen shot. If you don't see the "All tests completed successfully" message at the top of the window then something has been misconfigured. Review the settings and try again. If that doesn't solve the problem you can always call Visions Beyond for further help.
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